quinta-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2009

Known Limitations with Windows 7 for AutoCAD and AutoCAD-based Products


You want to know what limitations have been identified for AutoCAD® or AutoCAD-based vertical products running on Microsoft Windows 7.


The following issues have been identified with Windows 7 and are currently being researched for a potential fix in a future release:

AutoCAD® and all AutoCAD-based vertical products:

  • Infocenter balloons sometimes display blank
  • Dragging Ribbon tabs sometimes crashes the product
  • Encrypted files fail to open and save on Windows 7
  • Open files do not appear on Windows 7 Jumplist
  • Export to Impression functionality will not work because Autodesk Impression is not supported on Windows 7

AutoCAD Architectural 2010 and AutoCAD Mechanical 2010:

  • Text in the Drafting Settings dialog overlaps radio buttons

Graphics Card Support for Windows 7:

Please refer to the Graphics Hardware List for more information on supported graphics cards in Windows 7.


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